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Wooh App: Place To Find Expat Friends In Ouagadougou

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Relocation Pain

Do you know the pain of relocating? Leaving Friends behind hits hard!

silent weekends?
hard to connect with locals?
doing activities alone?
no beer buddies?
no birthday parties?
no deep conversations?

And above all, searching for friends in a new city leads nowhere? We know!


How about WOOH Way?

Share who you are.
Share your interests in a way that a photo never could. Let your values do the talking.
☘️ Values
🎡️ Passions
✏️ Personality
Once per week get only 1 new friend to meet.
Each week, you get 1 tailored friend based on your values, without countless swipes. Discover where to meet new friends in Ouagadougou easily.
Your new
weekly friend
Meet Mykyta
Set the time and place to meet.
Choose a time and place where you both would like to meet. Ouagadougou has many sights and a lot of best bars to explore with new friends.
Meet in real life and explore the possibility of friendship.
Friendship is about shared moments, not just shared texts. Enjoy fun things to do with friends and experience the vibrant Ouagadougou nightlife together.
πŸ’« connect
πŸ™ƒοΈ have fun
οΈπŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ¦± get friend

A Fresh Approach on Finding Friends in Ouagadougou

Locals are hard to connect with?

random people

We are a community of Expats in Ouagadougou, who are open to friendship. Join our international community and make friends easily.

Annoyed with Endless Swipes?

weekly match

Get only 1 new friend per week to meet based on your Interests. No more endless swiping through social apps or socializing apps.

Annoyed with Matching by Photo?

weekly match

See Friend’s photo only after both of you accepted each other's Values. It's about meaningful connections, not just looks.

Tired of Empty Chats

weekly match

We skip chatting, you can only meet IRL. Explore Ouagadougou networking events and make real connections.

Expats in Burkina Faso: A Guide to Expat Life in Ouagadougou

For Expats in Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou offers a vibrant and diverse culture. Discover expat jobs and the best ways to immerse yourself in Burkina Faso culture. From Ouagadougou networking events to the best bars in Ouagadougou, our app provides a fresh approach to socializing. Learn Burkina Faso, find friends in Ouagadougou, and explore things to do in Ouagadougou. Whether you're interested in Ouagadougou nightlife, events in Ouagadougou, or simply finding friends, our app makes it easy. Meeting new people and making meaningful connections has never been easier with our socializing app.

Join Our International Community

Join our community and make friends while enjoying expat life in Ouagadougou. Connect with other expats in Burkina Faso, share experiences, and discover where to meet new friends. From fun things to do with friends to exploring the sights in Ouagadougou, our app is your go-to guide for an enriched expat life in Ouagadougou. Forget about the challenges of meeting new people; let our app help you navigate through socializing in a new city.

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